Flexible Booking

At SMG, we want to get you onto the cliffs and into the mountains of New Hampshire. We want to do that even if you don’t have partners lined up or can’t afford private guiding. That’s where our Flexible Booking option comes in, we’ll match you with others for group courses and trips. This option is especially geared towards multi day mountaineering trips, but is also available for rock climbing, ice climbing backcountry skiing, hiking, and avalanche education. Read more below…


  1. Using the form, select the course and date that you’re interested in. You can start a course and date from scratch or join one of the opportunities listed above the form.
  2. Fill out the details, read & agree to the policies, and pay the Flexible Booking deposit of $100.
  3. We’ll receive your inquiry and try to put together a group.
  4. If we’re able to put together a group, we’ll confirm the course booking and you’ll pay the balance based on the group rate (see rates below or visit the Rates & Policies page).
  5. If we are not able to put together a group…you’ll have the option of a refund, credit, or you can book the course/date as a private.

Notes & FAQ

  • Using the Flexible Booking option is dependent on SMG finding partners for requested courses and dates. This will often be easier to accomplish on weekends and for more popular courses.
  • With the above said, there is no obligation and no loss of funds if we can’t meet your Flexible Booking request.
  • If you have an existing group, would like to book as a private, want to book sooner than 7 days out, or want to book a more specialized course/trip/guide…please view our full listing of courses and guiding options or contact us.


Here are a few examples of how Flexible Booking would work.

  1. You request Intro to Self Rescue on a Saturday and SMG finds 1 other person looking for the same course/date. The cost would be $250 per person, you’ve already paid the $100 deposit and your final payment would be $150.
  2. You’re looking to do a Presi Traverse on a popular holiday weekend in the winter (this would normally cost $1415 as a private). SMG finds two other people looking to do the same. The cost would be $875 per person for the trip, you’ve already paid the $100 deposit and your final payment would be $775.
  3. You request Intro to Ice Climbing midweek and SMG can’t find a partner for you. You have the option of a refund, credit towards future booking, or can take the course as a private for $375.


  • The following options are available for flexible booking, please make a selection. Each is 1 day unless otherwise noted.
  • $0.00
  • Flexible booking inquiries are available 7 days from today. If you are booking for multiple day courses, this will be your starting date.
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • We'll be in touch to work out specific details, but please briefly describe your outdoor background (relative to the course or guiding objective) and goals.
  • Please read and check the box if you agree to the policies.

    Online Bookings
    Online bookings are subject to guide availability and other factors such as weather and climbing conditions. After receiving your online booking, we will get back to you within 1 business day via phone or email to confirm your booking. In the event that we cannot accommodate your booking, you have the option of having your deposit refunded or applied to a future booking.

    SMG accepts credit cards, PayPal, checks, and cash. Payment is due in full 7 days before a booking (or at time of booking confirmation when a course/trip is less than 7 days away). An exception is made for payment by check or cash...in these cases, payment is due in full at or before the course/trip.

    If you have to cancel your booking, please give us as much notice as possible. If you cancel 30+ days before the booking, we’ll apply the deposit/payment towards another booking at a later date or you can request a refund. If you cancel from 14-29 days before the booking, we’ll apply the deposit/payment towards another booking at a later date. If you cancel 13 days or sooner from the booking, for any reason, the deposit/payment is forfeited.

    Weather & Winter
    Winter courses/trips are rain or shine. If SMG cancels a booking due to weather, we will reschedule you for an alternate date of your choice.

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